Thursday, August 22, 2013

Beefy Mushroom Pork Loin Slow Cooker Recipe (Throwback Thursday)

So I am going to start doing "Throwback Thursdays" on the blog! Exciting right? Some of you are new to my blog and this will give me a chance to showcase past recipes that I think you guys might will love!

A little history about this blog. It originally started, many, many, many years ago as a "cookbook" that I would have anywhere. I was always traveling, visiting family and friends, and needed my recipes on hand somewhere. So, I started this blog. Never giving credit, never using my own pictures (I am a horrible photographer as you will soon see), etc... because that really wasn't the purpose of this blog (not to mention the whole copyright/giving credit wasn't really a big thing back then). Throwback Thursday will give me an opportunity to revamp the posts, use my own pictures, and give credit if I know the source. A lot of the recipes are family favorites, some are from other blogs, cookbooks, cooking magazines, etc... Half of the recipes I am not even sure where I found. If you know or have seen the same recipe somewhere, let me know in the comments and I will give that person credit. Bear with me if some of you have already seen these recipes. 

Throwback Thursdays will be almost like a bonus post each week. Remembering the good stuff. Now onto one of our family favorites...

SHOCKER! I am using my slow cooker again! My good friend Allison, a fiery red-head who I adore from BYU, gave me this recipe ... and boy oh boy am I glad that she did! Allison and I used to work together when we were in college at The Sweet Tooth Fairy when it was first getting started. You read that right, The Sweet Tooth Fairy that was on cupcake wars and WON their first episode and lost in the championship round. It was so fun to see the sweet owner, Megan, on TV. Working for The Sweet Tooth Fairy was my favorite job to date, other than being a stay-at-home-mom and wife. Allison and I had SO much fun every day at work. We were always staying late dipping their famous Cake Bites (which I must say I was amazing at, basically like a machine), helping with cakes, etc... Allison was my partner in crime while we were there. At one point, we were eating so many sweets we decided to go on a "diet." Now, if you know anything about me, I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth EVER and absolutely NO self control when it comes to food. This was so hard for me. So we made it into a competition (I am SUPER competitive). Who could go the longest without sweets. But, we said we could eat the toasted coconut and strawberries. I can't even tell you how hard it was to work somewhere with the most decadent sweets you have ever eaten, and not be aloud to have any samples. Let's just say, toasted coconut became our best friend. I started wondering why in the world I was not losing weight considering I wasn't eating ANY sweets. I decided to check the calorie count on coconut. I almost cried. We were consuming almost 1,000 calories a day just in toasted coconut! Talk about stupid. Ha! All that hard work for NOTHING! So much for our diet. Oh and if you were curious who won, I did! After 2 months, she finally told me she was cheating the whole time drinking soda. Too funny.

My husband was somewhat skeptical because he DOES NOT like mushrooms (I strained out the big chunks of mushrooms). After one bite he told me, "this is WAY good!" Super simple (as most slow cooker recipes are), yet absolutely delicious!

I split everything in half, froze the remaining half of the pork loin and half of all the soups so I can make another batch of this at a later date.

Serve over some mashed potatoes or rice and enjoy!

1 Pork Loin
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 can beefy mushroom soup
1 can golden mushroom soup
1 can french onion soup

1. Combine the four soups.
2. Place the pork loin in the bottom of the slow cooker. Put the soup combination over the pork loin.
3. Cook on low for 8 hours.

Note: If your sauce is too runny for your liking, combine 2 tablespoons corn starch with 1 1/2 tablespoons water (so there are no lumps) to your mixture during the last 30 minutes.

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  1. just to loet you know I make my beef roast just about the same way but I used cream of mushroom with roasted garlic, beefy mushroom and golden mushroom and a packet of lipton onion soup mix.