Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fondant Spider Tutorial (Halloween Cupcakes Part 2)

The spider cupcake toppers take the longest because each spider has 8 legs but these couldn't be simpler. I love throwing spider toppers into the mix of Halloween cupcakes because I think it adds so much aesthetic value. How can you have Halloween cupcakes without something black? And how great are those legs wrapping around the cupcake's frosting.

Black fondant (or white fondant dyed black)
Gum Paste

Combine about 70% black fondant and 30% gum paste. You may need slightly more black food gel depending on how black you want your spiders. Rip off a piece of your fondant/gum paste mixture and begin to roll it between your hands to start to form an egg shape. Continue shaping with your fingers.
 Slightly press on the top of your egg to "ooze" the fondant/gum paste mixture out slightly.

 Pinch the front end of your egg slightly between your fingers. Begin to smooth out any imperfections and lines with your fingers.

 Rip off another small piece of your fondant/gum paste. Roll between your hands to form a ball. Slightly press that ball to the narrow part of your fondant/gum paste egg. They should stick together. If they do not, use a TINY bit of water as a glue.

 For the legs, roll out some of the fondant between your pointer finger on one hand and palm on the other hand just as you did for your pumpkin swirl here. Cut the legs between 1 1/2 inches to 2 inches (Depending on if they are the front legs or back legs of your spider).
Drape the legs over the frosting, 4 on each side (I like to have the tops of my legs, closest to the spider body, close together. Then I angle the legs apart as they drape down the frosting). Place a TINY drop of frosting on the bottom of your spider and place over the legs. The TINY drop of frosting is the glue that will hold your spider onto its legs. And there you have it. Spider cupcakes. (I forgot to take a picture of just the spider cupcake so the picture of three at the top will have to do).

The knives, I buy. They can be found just about anywhere. I make my red "blood" rather than using the red gel that comes in the tube, and will be posting that recipe on Monday. If you are making these cupcakes before then and need that recipe, please let me know and I would love to email it to you before then.

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